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  1. Mass properties of surface triangulated objects: Calculating area, volume, moments of solids described triangular surface mesh
  2. Random Sampling: Uniform Random Sampling on common shapes
  3. Spectral Methods 101: Intro to spectral methods, specifically Chebyshev collocation method. Multi domain methods. Nonlinear problems
  4. MPI on windows with MINGW: Instructions to setup an MPI compiler and runtime on windows using mingw for C,C++ and fortran
  5. Introduction to Multigrid methods: The Multigrid method in two dimensions. The V cycle algorithm. Full Multigrid algorithm. Using V cycle as a preconditioner in Python
  6. Mixed C/Fortran Programming: A few code examples demonstrating mixed C and Fortran programming. I will cover how to call a C function from Fortran and how to call a Fortran function in C.