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I am a computational physicist. I have contributed original research in the areas of Rheology, Biological Flows, Complex Fluids, Complex Systems, Emergence, Renewable Energy, Material characterization and Multiscale modeling.

I have done so using the methods and tools of Linear Algebra, Discrete Differential Geometry, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Statistics.

I am also interested in high order methods, computational geometry, stochastic simulation methods, physical computing, dynamic systems theory and nonlinear analysis. I write a blog from time to time on some of these subjects as I learn and use them.

On the employment side of things I was a junior executive in Operations and Commissioning departments for NTPC Ltd. and helped commision and run 500MW power plants. I employed machine learning to identify and address process issues such as clinker formation in the furnace. I also developed time-series analysis of the power grid frequency to predict excusrions. In addition, I was part of a start-up team (Aidle Pvt. Ltd.) that designed and launched a wearable device product in the Indian market.

I am going to graduate soon and I am looking for a challenging and enriching research position. Contact details are in my CV